A Call to Remembrance: Notre Dame and the Internet Age

I’m late sharing this here, but early in July another essay of mine was published over at Mere Orthodoxy. Drawing from the work of Neil Postman, I wrote in response to the burning of Notre Dame—in particular, I was struck by how quickly we had moved on from giving the cathedral our attention, and how natural this seemed:

“It almost felt though that the fury with which all of our eyes were transfixed could not be sustained, that it was bound to subside, and with that, our gaze would alight on some other thing. And so, most of us have promptly forgotten; this far removed from the fire, it feels awkward to read or write an essay on something so in-between. If it is not safely in the deep past or belligerently in the present it must be avoided, after all.

Yet through the haze of this learned forgetfulness also emerges the opportunity for a profound type of rebellion. Now we are called to the persistent and holy act of remembrance.”

You can read the entire piece here.

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