Poem of the Week: The Martian

This week I am proud to feature a poem written by my youngest brother Connor, an aspiring poet in 7th grade. In both our conversations and his writing, I am continually impressed by his unique and creative perspectives. I’ve already seen significant growth in his writing abilities, and look forward to what he’ll produce in the years to come.

This past school period, he participated in the Online Writing Workshop offered by Roberts Wesleyan College.  Each week students were required to submit either an essay or poem, and I have chosen to share his final entry here. He greatly enjoyed the recent film of the same name, and set out to capture in verse the ingenuity and resilient spirit necessary to sustain the protagonist as he fights for survival on an alien planet.

The Martian

In this dark and lonely universe
Facing circumstances adverse

The earth is so far away
I begin my journey today

I must use science more
Life and death will be a war

They must think I’m dead
But through this loneliness I must look ahead

I know I will make it home someday
I know I will find a way

Connor O’Hare

One thought on “Poem of the Week: The Martian

  1. Kudos to the editor for publishing this young writer, and to the writer himself for a creative work. We all find ourselves at a lonely outpost at times. Will we press on?

    Brian O’Hare

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