Forefront 360: October-December

My recent work with Forefront has involved not only writing for the blog, but also joining the crew for discussion on our podcast. It has been tremendous fun, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to dive into the world of podcasting. Our conversations are far ranging, and never fail to offer insights and encouragement as I engage with them.

I will include here a link to each of the first three episodes I have participated in since joining the team:

We tackle an excellent blog entry about coffee and tea by my friend Rich Christman here. Also, we open the episode with my intro as the newest team member.

This Arts Review episode (these serve to highlight our own personal interaction with the arts) includes discussion of First Man, The Crucible, Over the Garden Wall, the Compline service at Christ Church, and Localism in the Mass Age.

-We discuss my most recent blog entry on the recently published book Echoes of Exodus here.

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